Here I am! I stand at the door and knock.
If anyone hears my voice and opens the door,
I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.

(The Revelation 3:20)



Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

/ April 24, 2019

Црквено Школска Општина Св.Оца Николе са Бартона прославила је Улазак Господа Исуса Христа у Јерусалим. Свету Божанствену Литургију служио је Епископ Канадски Др. Митрофан, уз саслужење проте Воје Павловића, проте Ђуре Самца, проте Дејана Обрадовића,...

The Church Slava

The Church Slava

/ December 16, 2018

On Sunday December 16, the parish at St. Nicholas celebrated their church slava. The Holy Hierarchical Liturgy was served by the bishop of Canada, Dr. Mitrophan along with the following clergy: V.Rev. Steva Stojesavljevic, V....



On December 19th 1917, Serbian Bishop Mardarije Uskoković consecrated the community’s first formal church building, St. Nicholas’ Church at the corner of Beach Road and Northcote Street in Hamilton. The Beach Road community was …

The beautiful Serbo-Byzantine Church of St. Nicholas was consecrated by Bishop Irinej Kovačević in 1974. The church retains the bells of the original 1917 church, and a collection of Russian icon prints dating to 1907.

The property in Binbrook was purchased by our mothers and fathers in 1975 so that Serbs could gather and preserve their Serbian religion, tradition and culture. Currently in Binbrook, we have fully equipped soccer fields that only see …


The Saint Nicholas community is one large Orthodox family. The people of this community know each other well, are dear to one another and pray for each other. The founder of the first Christian community was Christ himself, who taught His followers to be as one with love in their hearts; He who said “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18 20). With that in mind the parishioners gather in our church and through different organizations and in many ways help each other and take care of their sanctuary and their national identity.



Every Sundays and Holidays
Hoy Liturgy at 10:00 am

Akathist for the Mother of God
the icon of Three hands
Fridays at 7:00 pm


Saint Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church

1415 Barton St. E.,
Hamilton, On.



In church we should take care to: dress respectfully, not chew gum, not have our hands in our pockets, and to not distract other believers with laughter and conversation. Respectful attire does not include: short skirts, shorts, deep cut tops, provocative and flashy clothing.


One should try to avoid being late for services without good reason. Arriving on time will allow for time to light candles, attend the Holy Sacrament of Confession on a per need basis, and to settle in without disturbing others in prayer.


Dr. Mitrofan (Kodic)

His Grace Bishop of Eastern America Dr. Mitrophan (Kodic) was born in 1951 in the village of Ljusa, Sipovo, in Bosna. His elementary studies he completed in 1966 and the Seminary at Monastery Krka in 1971. He received the monastic tonsure on the eve of the feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple in 1970 and on the following day was ordained as a hierodeacon by Bishop Stefan (Boca) of blessed memory. He completed the Theological Faculty in Bucharest, Romania in 1975. In 1977, after completing his studies, he was assigned as supplent of the Seminary of the Holy Three Hierarchs in Monastery Krka. He passed his professorship exam in 1979 and was assigned as assistant Rector of the Seminary at Monastery Krka in 1980 and as Rector in 1987. He was elected as a Vicar Bishop of Toplica in 1987 and appointed as assistant to the Administrator of the Diocese of Midwestern America, Dr. Sava of blessed memory. He was appointed as Administrator of the Diocese of Midwestern America in 1988, where he remained until he was appointed as Bishop of Eastern America in 1991.


Protojerej-Stavrofor V. Rev. Vojislav Pavlović

Rev. Vojislav Pavlović, or as we often call him, our Father Voja, has been the parish priest at St. Nicholas on Barton St. since January 1, 1995. He took over for Prota Djuro Vukelic, who was the parish priest at St. Nicholas for 47 years and who with the help of the faithful community built the Church and hall we have today. Father Voja continued in his predecessor’s footsteps and during his service to the St. Nicholas community in Hamilton, which is one of the greatest and most beautiful colonies in North America, earned the rank of archpriest or protojerej, then later to cross-bearing archpriest, or protojerej-stavrofor. The former happened in 2005, at the hand of New Gračanica Bishop Longin, on the occasion of the blessing of our frescoes (a five year project Father Voja initiated). The honour of the right to wear a pectoral cross is given to him, for his diligent and productive efforts in this parish, in 2011 by Bishop of Canada Georgije.


  • I just wanted to congratulate the oldest Serbian Orthodox Church in Eastern Canada ! The weekend was wonderful, the programs were well thought out & the entire event was a huge success! So happy to have been here for the celebration! Much love!

    Angie Majerle
    Angie Majerle
    Cleveland USA
  • As a lifelong Hamilton Serb community member, I had a wonderful time attending, and participating in, the 100th Reunion of Hamilton's St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church community. It was great for my mother, who was married in 1958 at the Beach Road site of the Church, to reminisce about that special time of her life.

    Milan Despinic
  • I can only claim 6 years of memories so far but they have been some of the most important years of my life. This church and the people in it have been part of my Wedding and my son's Baptism not to mention Easters, Christmases and numerous celebrations. Thank you so much for receiving my family with open arms.

    Melissa Zelenovich
    Melissa Zelenovich


The Holy Church regularly directs us to the heavens, severing our ties to the world and binding us with Christ. This is the role our church in Hamilton plays and continues to fulfill that mission as part of the One, Holy, Universal, and Apostolic Church over the last century. Our faithful Serbs, who settled in this city in distant 1913, founded the parish and altar to the “Living God” where to this day we present our bloodless sacrifice to “Him who is”. Our honorable forefathers couldn’t have imagined how long the Serbs would need a holy place in these parts of Canada, but they knew it was their holy duty to build an altar where they settled, for a place of prayer and refuge. All the following generations, who to this day remain at the head of the church along with the bishops and priests, worked with the same enthusiasm towards maintaining and bettering the church and parish for those exact same reasons. They took care to work towards saving their souls, their union with Christ, as they did to enable future generations to have a place of prayer and a place to help meet the conditions for spiritual growth.

V.Rev. Voja Pavlovic



Banquet Hall available for up to 300 people! Also, a downstairs hall for up to 200 people. Available for events such as:
Weddings, Anniversaries, Business meetings, Stag and does, Bridal showers, Baptism, Christening, Christmas Staff Parties.

Full catering, LCBO licenced, fully equipped bar. Affordable rates !!! The best value for your money !!!
Serbian Community Center: 1415 Barton St. E. Hamilton, Ontario L8H 2W6 For reservation call: Mrs. Milka Culic (905) 929-3760