Church Board

The St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church-School Congregation is led by an annually elected church board which comprises an elected executive & board members at large, as well as representatives from each of the major parish organizations.

The current board members, with contact information, are:

Parish Priest: Very Reverend Vojislav Pavlovic 905.515.7684

Church Board President Rajko Djurdjevic 905.719.8457

Church Board Secretary Branko Lukic 289.339.6865

Church Corporation President Ratko Pijanovic 905.973.6889

Circle of Sisters President Milka Culic 905.929.3760


Serbian School: Aleksandar Stosich, Director

Stevan Mokranjac Choir: Desa Stojanovic-Gushue, Director 905.648.7181

St. Nicholas Folklore Group: Snezana Popov, President 905.902.2855

Serbian Folklore Ensemble Kolo: Ognjen Coric, President 289.440.7317

Church Bookstore: Jovan Djurdjevic, Manager 905.807.3344

Spiritual Education Committee: Zorka Djurdjevic, Chair 647.389.5322

Centennial Committee: George Lukic, Chair 905.220.2974

Hall- Community Centre: Milka Culic 905.929.3760

Church Caretaker: Vujo Jurkovic 905.578.2671